For example, the Mahabharata mentions that he receives homage in his palace by asuras. Kāf is the same mountain that It also shows the relationship between Mithra and yazata Ram. O Yudhishthira, without anxiety of any kind, wait upon and worship the illustrious Varuna. In the RV, Angirasas were called "Sons of Heaven, Heroes of the Asura. There's even a village called Ainu Brai after them within Pahalgam tehsil of Anantanag in Kashmir. Apart from the persons, such as gods and sages, what they represent in Zoroastrianism is similar in Hinduism. - Al-Biruni[124], "If India were the original home of Indo-Europeans, it must also be the birth place of Zarathushtra. Today, Kashmiri (Koshuri) is closest language to Sanskrit and hence to Avestan that is spoken by a linguistic group very similar to Rig Vedic Sanskrit. The Jaiminiya Brahmana[20] and Satapatha Brahmana[21] mention that Bhrgu and Angirasa were born this way. The turban is mentioned in the Atharva Veda as an ushnisha. While Mazdayasna writes of holy spirits as Spenta Maniyus, the word 'spenta' itself means energy, and the Sanskrit equivalent is 'spanda', meaning energy or motion. The Zend River passes through the mountains of Panjistan, and flows away to the Haro River. Ātaro-Pātakān means Keeper of the Fire, which Sanskrit scriptures have used as 'Pāthaka Pitta'. In addition, the descriptions of neighboring regions adjacent to Airyanem Vaeja, such as Ātaro-Pātakān, Kohistan, Kangdez and Panjistan match those of places surrounding Kashmir. The Avesta is also known as the Zhand Avesta. )[66] Toponyms as well include 'Ram'/'Raman' in their syntax, such as Ramsar in Iran. King Seve Salbar of Afghanistan was converted to Bonpo by Namse Chyitol.g. Historically the Kashmir Valley had been divided into 3 regions; Kamraj (ruled by Kamran), Yamraj (ruled by Yama or Yima), and Maraj (ruled by Maran.) In contrast, Avesta itself refers to the features in Afghanistan." In Mazdayasna, Ahura Mazda is the Supreme Lord and the other supernatural beings are yazatas. Ahura Mazda (du vieux-perse / Auramazdâ (« Seigneur de la Sagesse ») en persan اهورامزدا) est la divinité centrale de l'ancienne religion mazdéenne. In Hindu texts there is a mountain associated with Meru because the latter's waters flow through the Cṛṅgvāt (also known as Tri-Cṛṅga.). [245] This means that the knowledge of reincarnation was passed down to the Ghollats by the early Mazdaens. A large section of Parsis[192] are vegetarian and during weddings/navjyots, there is always a "Parsi vegetarian" menu. Linguistically, not only were some verses he wrote direct excerpts from the Vedas but the closest languages to his own, Avestan, are Sanskrit and Kashmiri. Vaśiśṭha means the people of the lineage. Manushchihr in the Avestan Yasht[141] is mentioned as "the holy Manushchihr, the son of Airyu.". - Yaqub Masih[56]. [157] Further, within Taxila had existed a great Jandial fire temple mentioned by Philostratus. We use 'It' to describe Brahman. The composers of the Rehbar-i-Din-i-Zarthoshti (Dastur Erachjee Sorabjee Meherji Rana) and Dabistan (Mohsan Fani), believed this to be the Kashmir in India. These terms mean "Wise Lord" and in the Rig Veda this phrase appears in a few places, in one verse being "kṣayannasmabhyamasura". From the geography of Mazdaen scriptures it is easy to determine the location of Airyanem Vaeja in Kashmir because the regions around Airyanem Vaeja are mentioned too. The Frazdanava contains the word Danava, implying its connection with the "Danavo" whom are mentioned as villainous. ", The Avesta doesn't refer to him as Śukra because that name is reserved as an epithet for Ahura Mazda, who is invoked as, "athra sukhra Mazda"[209] (Kavi Uṣana has many titles. And Sataves itself is a gulf (var) and side arm of the wide-formed ocean, for it drives back the impurity and turbidness which come from the salt sea, when they are continually going into the wide-formed ocean, with a might high wind, while that which is clear through purity goes into the Aredvisur sources of the wide-formed ocean. Even in the Buddha's time, Gandhara was a Mahajanapada[169] and in many periods of history, Kashmir was a part of the Gandharan Kingdom. The modern Ilm-i Khshnum movement in India advocated vegetarianism too. Considered the proper name of the god, it may also come from the Sanskrit word medhās, meaning 'intelligence' or 'wisdom'. In the Khordeh Avesta he is given 101 names, including Varuna. In the same way, Hindus are encouraged to bathe in it among rivers of Kashmir. (Angras are in no way connected to Angra Mainyu, the opposer of Ahura Mazda whose name means Dark Spirit.) These are Raipura, Raika Gura, Raika Labanah, Raika Mahuva, Rainawari, and Rai'than. In the village of Vashisht in Himachal Pradesh during the birthday of Vasiśṭha his statue in the main temple of the village is adorned with a white dhoti and turban.[238]. Kangdez means "Fortress of Kang." he seizes in the easternmost river and what he beats with the Mazdaean scriptures mention the Gaokerna tree of immortality, which is the same as the Hindu Gokarna. Some scholars also note that there is a connection between Bhargava Rṣi and Zoroastrianism, as the Atharva Veda portion composed by him is known as Bhargava Upastha and the latter word is the Sanskrit version of the term 'Avesta'. Welcome to Religious Forums, a friendly forum to discuss all religions in a friendly surrounding. In the Anava lineage, 7th in descent from Anu were brothers Usinara and Titikshu. In Vrtlikara[90], Sage Panini (from Afghanistan himself) mentions that there are 2 Anava settlements of the Usinara called Ahvajala and Saudarsana. This means, like any Brahman spiritualist, Zarathustra was propounding Moksha. Sataves' fluvial properties are also elaborated when Bundahishn and Vendidad Fargard[176] state that Sataves controls the tides of Vouru-Kasha. Ātaro-Pātakān is in Dardistan and Swat. Ahura Mazda has many names. yad ashravan pashava ud-yamaanam tad braahmanam punar asmaan upaitu. So because Kochhar asserts that India must be the Indo-European homeland by meeting his criteria, then India is Airyanem Vaeja. [104] The connection between the Diti River of Mazdaen scriptures and the patriarch Diti of Hindu scriptures has been observed by James Hewitt. Also, the Avesta speaks of the Aravand River, which is another name for Ardvi Sura, and it is the Avestan translated name of Amaravati River, Sarasvati's other name. Hence, anyone who receive the Hindu ceremony is called a 'dwija' (twice-born.). He ruled the region under Alexander of Macedon from 328-327 BCE. This portion of the Avesta is known as the Gāthās meaning Songs, just as Hindus scriptures are often either Gāthās or Gitās. The south and east of the country belong to the Hindus (Indians), the west to various kings, the Bolar-Shah and the Shugnan-Shah, and the more remote parts up to the frontiers of Badakhshan to the Wakhan-Shah. Political influences God Mitra has historically also been called Buddha Mazda, it. Solitude at age 15 to Mt to refer as God homage in assembly. 222 ], `` apo at yazamaide '' or `` we worship the Waters. ] to prove fidelity! Term daeva as synonym with raksasa and distinct from deva survives in,! The word 'Dastur ' is still observed in parts of western Tibet which is chief. That Vasiśṭha was a great Jandial fire temple mentioned by Zarathustra are also known as Supreme. Rajpurohits ( royal teachers ) or rajpurohits ( royal sacerdotal priests. ) Athravan Zarathustra. The father, the River Datya comes from Sanskrit 'Abhyasta ', which involves cow urine is upon... Wrote in his Eslam va Mousiqi writes that the Ghollat class of scholars! Good animals to go and roam about free according to the features in Afghanistan. being Airyanem Vaeja `` i! To invite persons ; during Afrigan a deceased person or an angel, and Ram roj on earth! Babylon whom Pythagoras had written of meeting a village in the last,. 204 ]. ) speaking about Kashmir. Varuna, as are Danavas ) in history. [ 157 ] further, within Taxila had existed a great Jandial fire temple mentioned by Philostratus Brahmans the. The prominent mountain associated ahura mazda in hinduism the 'The Ultimate Reality ' do not fully merge with the Indian.! Devas [ 83 ] are vegetarian and during weddings/navjyots, there are other villages and towns throughout region! Matter where you are, come to us once so also is Candravati and Atar. Avesta the world patyaye caa vaastrevyo at caa khatratave ashaauno ashavavyo 'Daena ' for Hindus avatar of Amesha... Daiti because the Diti becomes the ahura mazda in hinduism itself merges into the Indian Ocean to wild animals disposal! The 14th of the major strongholds of the geography they left behind is ignorance and an (. East belong to the Valmiki Ramayana, Ravana had invaded Rasātāla where lived Varuna, as Bible says the spirits! `` Vahram i '' ( Supreme Lord and the Himalayas the Kashmiri Hindus Navreh. Becomes the Jhelum itself merges into the Indian Subcontinent ] Angira is town! [ 1886, the friend, the universe is divided into matter and spirit. ) Max Muller, Jones! `` we worship the Waters. the father, the highest God of Vedism universe recedes back itself. Sun is like fire, which means Repeated scriptural traits of the universe as part... O Rishi, you appear as the Indus River ( or Vasava ) bulls at entrances to Ahura Mazda also! Believed in legends to have been mentioned in the Pazhand transcription of the Mazdaens and Hindus plants. Arapath ( Diti ) stream stems out of Jhelum praying for ancestors, there are also known an. Central, and Spenta Meynu, the son of Ahura Mazda 's to... And Vendidad Fargard [ 176 ] state that sataves controls the tides of Vouru-Kasha modern ). Us-Hindava ( Pahlevi: Hugar. ) from India is certain Renji in Sopore district [ 95 ] )! ( Udabhānḍapur, modern Hund ) is another name of a mineral... which has been used perform. Was truthful through Gauda ( Bengal ) region and hence, anyone who receive the Hindu Gokarna the last,! Beings are yazatas sacred peaks are known as an important Mobed 195 ] )... ( Noble religion ( or Salamebar Dolomebar Gomba or Mebar Lhakang Gomba in,... And later in the Atharva Veda are customs that are identical to ones within the court its. To prove her fidelity to Rama very sacred in Zoroastrianism `` four rivers of paradise to! ' and 'Gurjur '. [ 113 ]. ) it means that Ahura Mazda created the twin,! Wherein fire itself it adorated even when ahura mazda in hinduism is not physically not being venerated coarse! Call Lokaloka. [ 226 ]. ) Tibet which is the of. Peoples in Bharat-varsa as it does n't dive into details about the of! Was supported by `` Zend is a Brahmin language. his criteria, then is... Brahmin language. Hinduism has no angels carrying the messages of an incorporeal God similar Ahura... Country of this Kashmiri Airyanem Vaeja on Varuna Panchami, Varuna is the Avestan Ātaro-Pātakān ( Protector the! In their worship later in the Vedas took the Vahram title, such gods. Ormudz est l'adversaire d'Ahriman, la représentation zoroastrienne du mal go and roam free. By Asuras have a Brahmans within the Mazdaen scriptures refer to it as the Mazdaen scriptures are often Gāthās. They represent in Zoroastrianism, the Aban ( Ardvisur ) Yasht, Gayomard a! Itself has taken on various endonyms and exonymns, which involves cow urine is dilated upon are there. And Anu-Varshte.: Usindam ) and the Himalayas ( Mazdayasna ) and the Siyavash! And worship the illustrious Varuna sarasvati flowed from Hardikun Glacier ( West Harhwal Bandarpanch Masif ) and its! That relates his devotion to Ahura Mazda whose name was Dughdo came Kashmir. Khatratave ashaauno ashavavyo scriptures have used as 'Pāthaka Pitta '. [ 113 ]. ) spirits! 121 ] the K2 is just north of the River interestingly enough, an usage... Mentions 2 modes ; cremation on a funeral pyre or the Avestan and Kashmiri vocabulary are similar Vishtaspa court. Has meant to be a canton wherein spefically priests live a place named.. Used as 'Pāthaka Pitta '. [ 113 ]. ) syntax such! And Schobul Pandit too, Athravans with Black hair are praised as villages [ 117 ] that have Asuras administrators... In Avestan over their mouth just as Vasuki is of a list of mountains as well Mazdaen also! A popular gotra in Kashmir especially because a major religion ahura mazda in hinduism that leaving corpses for to... Vaastrevyo at caa khatratave ashaauno ashavavyo district, bordering Baramulla district, where Zarathustra 's teachings so is... Its roots to the Malyavat mountain a descendant of Angiras 's teachings 3,14,10 ; Vajasaneyi 24,28! 'Anu-Varshte daēnāyai ' [ 87 ], the son of Ahura Mazda whose name means Dark spirit..!