Save. 0% average accuracy. 3 days ago. Emirati women are famous for _____. Also explore over 4 similar quizzes in this category. 3 days ago. So, the country is concerned with preserving and documenting such heritage for the next generations . 0 times. The UAE, although a small country tucked away along the coastline of the Arabian Peninsula, has a vast and colourful history, culture and lifestyle truly unique to the region and to the world.Although most people only focus on its recent growth and boom, the country has been thriving and has been home to fascinating traditions for thousands of years. History, Geography. 0. Edit. Sure, there is a lot of historical tidbits you can pick up around the many museums and mosques that dot the country. seymour_sarita_94626. History, Geography. Enjoy my quiz on one of the most developed countries in Southwest Asia. Culture and Heritage of the UAE . The quizzes include questions on history, geography, trivia, travel and tourism. Culture of the UAE DRAFT. And no, it's not about history. 5th - 6th grade. 5th - 6th grade . quiz which has been attempted 3869 times by avid quiz takers. Take the Quiz: Ten Questions on UAE. uae quiz 1. uae quiz section by shehnas jabir & rafina rasmin 2. rules and regulations there are 5 rounds + 3 quick answer round if you answer a question, you get 10 points and when the question is passed you will have only 5 points. Played 0 times. Preview this quiz on Quizizz. 0. Edit. by seymour_sarita_94626. How much do you know about UAE? They cover the country’s longitude and latitude, airport codes, airline history, exports and imports, local cultural symbols, small towns and even the colours of the UAE’s currency. Try this amazing UAE National Day Quiz: Trivia! The United Arab Emirates has a rich history dating back to thousands of years . Culture of the UAE DRAFT.