Telemedica; Biogora; Cas d’usages. The PCD 52™ is a Multi-Zone Device that can be battery-powered and is configured for 8-chamber sleeves. MEDICAL SOLUTIONS, société à responsabilité limitée est active depuis 4 ans. Medical Solutions has strengthened its partnership with Alliance Health Group following the roll-out of its 24/7 virtual GP service to two clients, Mitie and Anglian Water Group. Paul, Toby, James and Xavier are on hand to answer your queries (no matter how small). Medication now delivered to your door. Medical Solutions strengthens partnership with Alliance Health Group. Always helpful, never spam. Medical publishing targets both medical professionals and students and brings together publications from a range of sources and formats including books, journals, online databases and clinical research tools. Son effectif est compris entre 1 et 2 salariés. CQC registered and new app development focused on user experience. Now able to speak to a GP via video consultation. [CDATA[ window.mfn_parallax = "translate3d"; Hopi Medical Navigation. Introduction of our first 9 icon app including MI platform ‘Health Analytics’ and Open Private Referrals. window.mfn_prettyphoto = {style:"pp_default", width:0, height:0}; Became the first provider to offer our services through a personalised integrated GP Surgery App. Cover 1 million people in the UK providing access to private GPs 24/7 via telephone. Launched service in the Republic of Ireland. Press Releases. Produits. The ComfyLite is designed to meet the needs of patients with upper extremity lymphedema. Adjustable ranges of therapy pressures and sequences that allow customize treatment options (20-90 mmHg) A designated chamber for auxiliary compression for post-breast cancer therapy. LymphaPod® is a sequential pneumatic compression therapy system designed specifically for the larger patient, providing effective treatment for lymphedema and venous insufficiency. Less flexibility in your wrists, hands, and ankles. Lympha Pants™ contain 24 overlapping compression cells and treat the entire lower body, including the abdomen and groin area, while providing complete bilateral treatment of the lower limbs. use, so patients can get consistent therapy at the touch of a button. Hopi Medical Navigation. Licensed the health information provided in GP Surgeries giving patients access to the most comprehensive medically validated database. ; Cover 2 million lives in the UK – the UKs largest private provider. GMS contract changed, NHS GPs no longer responsible for their patients 24/7. Message Doctor and Request an appointment added to service via the apps. It treats the entire arm, shoulder, one side of the back, and chest wall. Lympha Press® PCD-51TM gradient sequential compression is easy to window.mfn_ajax = ""; Privacy Statement | Terms and Conditions Feuille de température (Scribb) Sortir d’une hospitalisation en toute confiance (Lim Star) Partir en vacances 23 jours après une greffe (Biogora) La … window.mfn_nicescroll = 40; window.mfn_sliders = {blog:0, clients:0, offer:0, portfolio:0, shop:0, slider:0, testimonials:0}; Telemedica; Biogora; Cas d’usages. Introduced Second Medical Opinion, Emotional Wellbeing and Aches & Pains service. Do not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital. First contract introduced under an exclusivity agreement. Vision globale; Lim*Star; NeoLinks; Scribb; Solutions. Introduction of monthly newsletter The Standard, Google Analytics, Services near you and state of the art digital telephony. This garment simplifies treatment for postmastectomy lymphedema and is effective therapy for arm, breast and torso lymphedema in the clinic and at home. Start building your personalised health platform today. New GP24 app introduced, new website development and lots of new faces. We are the most-experienced provider of private GP services in the UK and Republic of Ireland, serving approximately 4 million people. Celebrate 20 years of high quality service provision! Feeling of fullness in your arms and legs with leathery-looking skin. Fresh and relevant content. Vision globale; Lim*Star; NeoLinks; Scribb; Solutions. We are the most-experienced provider of private GP services in the UK and Republic of Ireland, Our aim is to support our clients and their members, keeping them healthy by providing convenient, simple access to the primary care solutions. View a variety of wearable Lympha Press garments and view our entire catalogue of compression therapy solutions. //]]>. Get in touch to chat to the new team, with much, much more to come…. If you have any concerns about coronavirus visit NHS 111 online and GOV.UK  or HSE website if you are an Ireland resident. //