Well, there are actually plenty of different DIY ways to press flowers (we used to do it simply by placing them between tissue and putting them under a stack of heavy books as kids), but in case you’d like to be a little more pro about here, here’s a full tutorial from A Handmade Cottage for making an actual homemade flower press of your very own! In addition to dying Easter eggs in the spring, our families always made floral decoupage eggs as well! Mod Podge, the multi-use tool for all kinds of crafting. Lavender, pansies, … If you’re going to used floral decoupage to make something decorative, would you rather create something that makes a… Well, there are plenty of floral decoupage projects you can make and wear in the form of jewelry but what if you want to get a little more creative than that? I came to realize many of you have never even tried it! I used tweezers to do so. Drying and Preserving Flowers – The Best (and not so best) Methods. There’s just something so beautiful about adding adorable spring flowers to a seasonal décor piece, especially if you do it all together as a family. The sand and kitty litter are heavy and can damage the shape of the flowers or weigh down and break off the petals. wonderfuldiy.com is an up-and-coming community of people specialized in high-quality and on-trend cool projects and tutorials in home design, fashion, and crafts. Use a microwave-safe container and cover your flowers entirely with about an inch of extra on the top. Who knew you could use Mod Podge to press flowers? (ask me how I know). Busy Mom Help suggests decorating in a natural way by using decoupage techniques to stick dried flowers and petals all around the outside of your bowl and the handle of your pestle. Flowers lose much of their color and vibrancy. A relatively quick method, flowers can be dried in a few hours. Have you always loved the look of floral decoupage so much that you wish you could make more durable pieces with similar features so you could actually use them practically without the decoupaged flowers peeling up? All you need to do is press the leaves first. Some flowers, like French marigolds, leave a smell behind on your trays. You can make dried flower petals, but I wouldn’t use them in any beauty products, like bath salts. Flowers that are long, like larkspur, can be laid down on their sides. To start with, you're going to need some pressed flowers. This method is hit or miss, and you can lose flowers in the process. Go slow, pretend you’re Indiana Jones without the fun and excitement. Make sure that your bunches are not too close together. If you’re going to dress something up with real flowers and be very careful and detailed about it, would you rather make something so stunning into something you can actually wear? 11) Enjoy your ornament! Are you very intrigued by the whole concept of floral decoupage no matter what the flowers are made of but, after looking through a couple of our tutorials, you feel like you might not be ready to work with the delicacy it takes to craft with fragile pressed flowers? Take them outside and spray them untill they are soaked. Mix up some mod podge and water, about 1:1 ratio in a bowl. This is the part that takes some patience, and there usually is no problem if … I sort of put the cart before the horse on that one. We’d encourage you to check out these beautifully floral glass bowls designed by NusKris Designs! It might not be the most popular crafting industry you’ve ever heard of but, believe it or not, making your own stationery is a hugely refined art, and it’s also certainly something your family and friends will always appreciate! Want to keep roses or any flowers forever ?? You can use a soft bristle paint brush to remove the remaining silica gel; it just dusts off. Get more information about this episode >> Check out more from Shirley at EdenMakers.com Click the NEXT button after each project to go to the next page to see more projects. Whether you’re doing it with newspaper clippings, pieces of magazine pages, or maybe even pieces of scrap fabric, decoupage is still a technique that DIY enthusiasts use to make all kinds of awesome things; even though you probably remember your grandma making gaudy, kitschy décor pieces with it when you were a kid! Today, I am sharing how to mod podge on the glass. Don’t spill your silica gel because it is a pain to clean up! A relatively quick method, flowers can be dried in a few hours. Use enough to fully coat the leaf. Takes up to 30 days for perfect pressed flowers. Add a wooden frame to complete. Well, we can’t say we blame you, since that’s actually one of our very favourite ways to use floral decoupage, period! Cut any excess flower pieces e. g. the stem or petals & leaves that are too wide, using tiny scissors or a very sharp knife. Then perhaps you’d prefer this tiny scattered blossoms idea featured on Made + Remade! Creates beautifully vibrant dried flowers. Personally, we’ve always been huge fans of decoupage, but we like to do it a little bit differently than some people. Press your petals in a flower press. I hope you find it helpful. Not only is it super simple to press flowers ’til your heart’s content, but they look so beautiful after they are all finished. Rustic Boutique guides you through the process of covering the front surface of some drawers in flowers to upcycle an old dresser so it can be reused with a little more style. Brush a liberal coating of Mod Podge on one side of a leaf. We’re obsessed with this beautifully painted pumpkin that features a stripe of glitter and some paper flower decoupage but, once again, we think this design would look great using actual dried flowers in the place of paper! Use a flower press to press your petals. Use a small brush and apply a thin coat of mod podge to the pot where you'd like to apply your first flower. Let it dry a few minutes before applying a … Leave flowers for a few weeks to dry. Okay, we know we  said that we were concentrating on DIY projects made with dried and pressed flowers in this post, but this particular project from Rizoblog is so close (and so darn pretty) that we’re including it anyways, even though the flowers you see here are actually made of paper! To celebrate all things Mod Podge and decoupage, I've rounded up over 50 Mod Podge Craft ideas (teeeheee, 50 years, 50 ideas …) for you to pin, try, and get inspired by. Be the First to Share. These make perfect thank you notes for a spring or summer wedding! **Once the cardstock went limp, I knew it was well coated. In that case, we have a feeling you’ll get a ick out of these lovely floral wooden crates featured on Girl in The Garage! Repeat step 2 on the other side. Most flowers change color, especially the pinks purples and magentas that gained a deeper. We love the way they gathered them near the top and let them scattered with more space between closer to the bottom. Place a lid on top, or saran wrap and set them aside for 10-21 days. Starting with the bottom of the balloon, paint glue mixture onto the balloon in small patches and layer pieces of paper on, painting more glue between each piece. Apply a layer of Mod Podge on your wooden disk. Place a lid on top, or saran wrap and set them aside for 3-5 days. Pressed flowers make excellent craft project additions. In that case, here’s an alternative idea that almost uses the same techniques you’ve seen so far, but with more durable materials; napkin paper flower cut outs! Flowers do not keep or hold their vibrancy. We know that Halloween is over and fall has come and past, so it’s not really pumpkin season anymore, but that won’t stop us if we’re really in the mood for pumpkin painting! Air dried clay Mod Podge– We used matte for this project, but also love the glossy finish! In that case, we absolutely think you should take a look at this beautifully decoupaged lamp shade project from A Handmade Cottage! Most of my pressed flower creations are cards or framed. Have you been scrolling through our entire post just enamoured with how stunning the finished products you see here are, but you’re wondering how you’re going to do decoupage crafts with pressed flowers when you don’t own a flower press? Recognizing the value of the do-it-yourself movement of the last several years, wonderfuldiy.com is inspired by unique yet replicable ideas. Then, press the vase onto the flower. Add a layer of mod podge to the front of your ornament and place your flower(s) on top. If you enjoy creating decoupage crafts using Modge Podge, make your own decoupage glue from Elmer's glue at a fraction of the cost. Step 2: Cut out your fabric. Use dried flowers in vases, or crafts like homemade wreaths, or even create centerpieces for the holidays. Decoupage medium attaches paper, photos, thin fabrics and pressed flowers to wood, glass, plastic and ceramic, but it doesn't stop there. For small delicate flowers, like Queen Anne’s lace, add for 1 hour but check on them periodically. Flowers- Try bouquet flowers if they are currently out of season. Pick an area on the vase for the first flower, and using the paint brush apply the Modge Podge where you want the flower to be. Yellow flowers generally held their color well. Be sure to make sure your holes don't get clogged with mod podge and if they do poke it out with a needle. Another way to make sure you have a good bond, is you should be able to slide your paper on the canvas. How to Dry Flowers – We Tested 5 Different Methods to Find the Best!