Size Chart for round dining tables. are the proper dining room sizes by table dimensions? You can also read how to calculate the ideal chair and table height, or see a list of standard bar and counter stool heights. You be careful not to create too much distance, though; large round tables, for example, can make it difficult to reach food, while rectangular shapes can work better for seating large groups. The smallest rectangle dining table size needed to fit 12 seats would be around 120 x 55 inches (10ft x 4’6”; 305 x 140cm), which would also comfortably sit 10. Rectangle Dining Table Dimensions for 6 People, 2. You wouldn’t want a round or square table wider than 7–8ft, because it creates sound issues, while 4ft is an adequate width for a rectangle table. Shop Pottery Barn for expertly crafted round dining tables. Circular Dining Tables are space efficient tables designed with a variety of common diameters for specific seating arrangements from small two person tables up to larger twelve person designs. Shop 12 chair dining table set from Pottery Barn. I want to make an 8 seater Dining Table.Please suggest the Table size. If you want more space to enter and exit the table (or have larger style chairs, or with armrests), opt for the narrower table (42 inches). If there is no other furniture in the room, you could fit four people at a round or square table of 3ft in diameter (use a pedestal base for more leg space or to squeeze in five people). The ideal size for the latter arrangement, however, would be 127 x  55 inches (10’6″ x 4’6″; 323 x 140cm). I’m wanting to put a rectangular table there. In order to do this, it helps to know the proper dining room and table dimensions as in how much space surrounding the table you should have for optimal space so that people have sufficient space for sitting as well as walking around the table to get in and out of the room. Round Dining Table Dimensions for 8 People, 3. (107 or 122 cm). Some tables have a support on the under side, which increase the distance required for legs. Shop Hallway Chandeliers! Ideally, your guests should be able to sit at a comfortable distance from the table and then be able to slide their chair back to get up from the table and walk easily around the table to get in and out of the dining area. Although larger than 7ft and distances start to get a little far for reaching dishes, although a lazy susan can be added in. I have a space of 10 x 12 it’s posible to fit a 10 to 12 people table. 1. That depends on the shape of your dining table. Standard Ceiling Foyer or Entryway. Also, square tables are not suitable for narrow dining rooms. One advantage of open concept living spaces compared to enclosed dining spaces is there is more space to accommodate larger tables (usually, but not always). With that size you could seat 6–8. The dimensions of this table are 96″X41″. 3 feet of distance from table to wall on all sides. A beautiful home deserves a beautiful dining table where family and friends can get together. A dining room table is essential for every home. If you don’t plan to put food or decorations on the table – for example you have a side console table – or don’t mind moving glasses around, then there’s no need for calculating in shared space. It makes sense, although you will have just under the minimum space for getting in and out of the table (30 inches on all sides), so in some areas it will be a tighter squeeze to get into the table. excluding head and table settings), the minimum area would be 48 inches long by 36 inches wide (122 x 76cm).