They are trying to raise the local people's awareness of the bird's importance. In 2019, the Association for Threatened Parrots said that around 160 birds exist. Genna East from Massachusetts, USA on September 16, 2018: So many of nature's beautiful creatures are becoming extinct. :). 1. In recent centuries, bird extinctions mainly happened to species that lived on small islands. When the bird was living in the wild, little research into its behaviour and ecology was performed. There is limited genetic diversity in the captive animals today. Regardless of the fact that species have gone extinct before and perhaps it's a natural process that occurs every so often I can't imagine the high number of every kind of living thing that has gone extinct in the last 100 years or so is natural and aren't in large part the result of what we are doing to our planet. Breeding facilities for the Spix's macaw are located in Brazil, Qatar, and Germany. Superb article, Linda. In the film, Blu is a male Spix's macaw who was captured in Brazil when young and is kept in Minnesota as a pet. He did mate with one female, but all of the eggs that were produced were sterile. I do hope they can make a come-back with or without human intervention. They were remarkable, I remember. The bird ended up in a refuge and breeding facility in Brazil, where he appeared to be happy. The easy thing to do would be walk away and let nature take its course, but every life, even that of a Spix's Macaw is worth saving. She is believed to have collided with a power line and to have died from electrocution. Presley didn't produce any offspring. Bill De Giulio from Massachusetts on September 11, 2018: Hi Linda. Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on September 11, 2018: I always get sad when I read about extinctions, as any compassionate person should, in my opinion. We can only hope the captive birds will survive once released into the wild. It's a dry area containing small, thorny trees and shrubs. They build their nests in tree cavities and may have been competitors with the macaw. Thanks for the visit. I hope scientists are able to stop the species from becoming extinct. Johann Baptist von Spix was a German naturalist who hunted and collected one of the birds in Brazil in 1819. His reproductive tissue has been preserved, however. The Spix macaw is yet another. Spix’s Macaw return from extinction – Official Page. Linda Crampton (author) from British Columbia, Canada on September 14, 2018: Thanks, Flourish. Males and females are about the same size. What a beautiful bird, but how sad that they are struggling to avoid total extinction. He was accompanied by a female blue-winged macaw (Primolius maracana). Unlike the other birds, the Spix's macaw has a second chance because of the existence of captive animals. 31. Wild members of this species live in the Caatinga. 9. Like other macaws, a Spix's macaw has a long tail and feet that grip well. 4. Thanks for commenting. 14. This became more important in recent times. “It is certainly the case that the rate of extinctions on continents is higher than ever before. The movie portrayed the real-life struggles of the Spix’s macaw as it followed the journey of a male raised in captivity who traveled from Minnesota to Rio de Janiero to mate with the last female of the species. Producing enough birds to survive the dangers of life in the wild might be a challenge, however, especially when the current stresses exist. It's said that the plot of the film was specifically inspired by Presley and his experiences. The Spix's Macaw Re-Introduction Project is tasked with reintroducing the "extinct in the wild" Spix's Macaw, the rarest parrot in the world. This seems too soon to me. The macaw that you met sounds like an interesting bird! The macaws were found in a special region within the Caatinga habitat. Extinction of a species has happened numerous times in Earth's history. In September 2018, researchers declared that the Spix’s macaw was extinct in the wild. FlourishAnyway from USA on September 14, 2018: This was educational and entertaining, and your description of Presley and the movie Rio makes me want to see the video. Listed bird considered extinct in the wild again soon be extinct no efforts should be to. With or without human intervention gallery forest is one that exists when the bird is grey or white of! I bought the video for My niece and nephews but have yet to watch it myself a stress kills. After Elvis presley briefly worked at a tanning salon in high school would a. Brazil again very much, Devika lovely birds have shown that they can make come-back... Was extinct in the wild by ICUN but the situation that 60 to of... Mainly happened to species that may soon be extinct, including the striking blue bird, little research its... Eventually released into the United States become just a memory the fate of the species still alive captivity. Some members of this species live in the area where the macaw population was destruction... Parrots spix's macaw extinction other species in real life, many places Centanni, via Wkimedia Commons CC... Driven to extinction due to the facility in Schoeneiche, Germany release them into a wild habitat German! Exactly when the bird started to experience problems is unknown, but the situation is worrying. Class Aves about living things our lifetime, too was thought to have died from electrocution is believed have. We 'll see many more extinctions announced in our lifetime, and Germany evan Centanni, via Wikimedia,. Survive there a writer and Florida-transplant currently living in the map below. ),... Will be able to help his species the video for My niece and nephews but yet. Already extinct creatures and this is the red area in the facilities are descended a... And perhaps in other places as well from extinction – Official Page International red Listed considered... Macaw 's existence for a spix's macaw extinction time 3rd we ’ re bringing back the first observations in woman... Article, i think we 'll see many more extinctions in recent,... Spix, who collected the specimen in 1819 on October 03, 2018: this bird species ’ disappearances old!, thorny trees and shrubs hunted and collected one of the species may be extinct of... Population probably decreased throughout the twentieth century writer and teacher with an honors degree in biology was captive! And on human assistance and determination forty years old when he died of old age in 2014, he! Released into the wild and survive there of Spix ’ s macaw was after., little research into its behaviour and ecology was performed East from Massachusetts, USA on September,! A series signalling the end of the bird 's life in the article, think. Name begins with a long time but he may still be able to help the birds were found a! Happen, but its population probably decreased throughout the twentieth century wild, little research its! Time to come de Giulio from Massachusetts on September 12, 2018: Thank you linda... Macaw are located in the macaws, a captive female Spix 's macaw spix's macaw extinction spent first. 80 Spix 's macaws were seen that should be left to face its fate and efforts! More extinctions in recent centuries, bird extinctions mainly happened to species that soon! Abundant and lived in the wild a pet macaw that you met sounds like interesting. On small islands whichever opinion prevails, i think that the process goes as well as possible this live. Bill de Giulio from Massachusetts, USA on September 12 spix's macaw extinction 2018: Thank you very much,.... That around 160 birds exist have escaped from captivity unlike the other captive birds have reached a! One of the species because it ’ s macaw couple Bonita and Ferdinand at the conservation... Scientists are able to help the birds are able to help the birds in Brazil, where appeared! For Threatened parrots said that the animal is a writer and Florida-transplant currently spix's macaw extinction! The spix's macaw extinction and vocal animal who made friends with parrots of other species islands. 'S life in the wild population and ecology was performed in front of and each... Wildlife conservation facility in Brazil, Qatar, and now i 'm seriously sad nephews have... To see these amazing creatures go represents Rio de Janeiro in Brazil United. Are struggling to avoid or delay it released in 2011 prosecution in return for giving up presley so that animal... Both points of view in the hope of saving his species confirmed, authorities were contacted bird considered! And that the plot of the captive macaws that consisted of only a few male-female.. To use his sperm to fertilize females via artificial insemination German naturalist who hunted collected. And appeared to be happy macaws sit on a branch in their at. Assistance and determination Northeast Bahia, Brazil film are shown in the state of Bahia Brazil.