Super Tamade (a supermarket) is also there and really, really cheap. Moreover, the supermarket didn’t even sell out of the masks during that sale and reportedly had dozens left over. At this location elsewhere in Osaka, the actual supermarket … We got ourselves blocks … 476 Restaurants within 0.75 miles. The supermarket in question is Super Tamade, a well-known chain found throughout Osaka and famous for its ostentatious appearance. 10 Other Attractions within 0.75 miles. OSAKA (TR) – Osaka Prefectural Police last week revealed the arrest of the founder of the Super Tamade supermarket chain for leasing an establishment in a brothel quarter in Nishinari Ward while knowing it … Osaka police have arrested Takuji Maeda, the founder of the Tamade supermarket chain, on charges of receiving prostitution revenue from a store rented to yakuza members. If you are going to Tenjimbashi, make it a point to stop here. According to investigators, Maeda knowingly rented a store in Osaka… Best nearby. Rental Cars See rental cars from $24/day. Cheaper than FamilyMart etc. The best grocery store on the planet Osaka's neon paradise Osaka, Japan Tamade is famous in the Osaka area for having ridiculously low prices as well as unique and colorful storefronts. Genji (25) 4 min $$ - $$$ … Tamade Osaka Municipal Subway 5 min. The fact that masks were being sold had nothing to do with it. スーパー 玉出 SUPER TAMADE 元祖!玉出さん公認アカウント! Osaka’s crazed, cheap and cheerful supermarket chain.