I honestly think Bioengineers are your best bet for the unstoppable achievements. So if you have a weapon that does 2000 damage, and you hit something in the air and score a critical hit, you will do around 5000 damage. Son of Odin and Frigg, he was loved by both gods and men and was considered to be the best of the gods. Incidentally, did you know that 'Baldur' (Alternate spelling 'Balder') actually translates into 'buttcheeks'? On my first playthroughs of HoH and Helheim I got it with my human Bioengineer (center path). Used fierce attacks for the hordes of enemies, the spider on the left of the skill tree for insurance, and ruiners when I want to kill something real fast (I.E. Th Human path is best for the Champion and Berserker, while the Cybernetic path is better for the Defender and Commando. This lets you roll away for when he pounces. As you can see, any one of his paths is a good choice, and they will all deal massive amounts of damage depending on how you set them up. My Human Champion can kill a shielded spider in seconds with his custom made “rail gun” pistols. Valiant’s Might, your battle cry, causes every enemy you hit (excludes spiders, trolls and bosses) to be juggled into the air. I've only been through the first act with 3 classes, bioengineer is the only one which did not die (and got the unstoppable achievement with). I got Ice Forest tonight with a Champion friend. Let’s think about that. The fierce attacks keep you at a safe distance, while still dealing beautiful amounts of damage. Just like when you hit an exploding goblin and catch on fire, you are now doing the same status effect to the enemy. I suggest you read it, as I am certain you will learn a few things you didn’t know that will make you come to love the pistol. If you aren’t a big fan of air melee or pistols, I encourage you to give the Champion a try and see how much fun it is. Just stay back and play smart. It's a hard character to play as at first, but once you get better equipment and stuff you're basically a god. Hardly ever saw her summon her zombies. I got Hel with my Human Berserker on a solo co-op run today. I don't know if people know this knock up technique or not. Found that it's good to roll back (as opposed to left or right) for the first two missle barrages, and jump over the slow ones. For the range issues, 1 pistol range 20% rune, and a ballistic lock 10% if you really think you need it easily solves that. Remember your pistols at 42% increased damage? I stocked up on Health Runes(more handy than you think) at 31% (max 50%). Don't forget it's there. I visit armor shop, buy runes, quit game, go back to armor shop. So imagine if you have this active, and you’re also using Asgard’s fury from the middle path, the damage you would do during air melee. The battle cry here, One Will Rise Above, causes all air melee damage to increase by up to 70%! This skill applies to all attacks, so your ballistic attacks will gain critical hits as well. It's time consuming waiting to regen, but better than doing 5 or more attempts. [Archive] Best overall/best human build for Unstoppable? The way I run this build: is slide a few times til I know the next slide will be my last, on that hit I do a 2nd hit followed by a tap-tap in the direction of my attack to do a knockup. So make sure that Garm is way out of range before you go for health. This is more of a fun skill to me, but it is still really cool. Got the sentient weapon skill as I went through the level and maxxed it to 10. So if you go this route, always make sure you have a sword equipped to get this bonus. I am rather enjoying the BE, though. Plus, at that height, the fall will kill most things if somehow you do not. There is only 'open fire' and 'time to reload'. Double that. Also, they will take damage from the fall when they hit the ground, so that’s usually 8 dead guys for the one spider, and all killed rather stylishly by you. This will increase the damage you do with slug weapons by 56%. Class Bonuses: Air Combat Mastery Self and Group Critical Strike Bonus Class Statistics: Final Melee Damage: +0% Final Ranged Damage: +0% Base Blunt Resistance: +0% Base Slash Resistance: +0% Base Pierce Resistance: +0% Base Ballistic Range (Pistols/Slug): 1299 Base Ballistic Range (Pistols/Plasma): 1229 Base Ballistic Range (Pistols/Laser): 1420 Base Ballistic Range (Rifle/Slug): 2387 Base Ballistic Range (Rifle/Plasma): 2256 B… Just keep at her, if you haven't used spirit of Fenrir up to this point, use it on her in the third area to make the end that much quicker. Your weapon is a sword, so add another 42% damage. I'm also using a BE at the moment. Even at 50, if maxed out it is still very effective. I personally am playing the game right now and beserker champion defender are my 3 favorite … You leap into the air with your battle cry on and do an additional 70% damage, plus 42% more damage for Asgard's Fury. 2) Pistols-the Champion is the master of pistols. It was his first time through so he started at level 9 and finished 18. Again, maybe not as much as a Berserker, but for me, doing 5,000 instead of 8,000 damage is pointless when the enemy only has 6,000 hit points and I can hit him 8 times if I want. My human right Path Champion has this skill and Gift of Gungnir capped. I was only down to 1/3 health a few times and didn't feel I was ever in danger of dying. I would say the Bio Engeneer is a toss up. That means every blow you land does double the damage guaranteed! Use of this site is subject to express terms of use. I would've thought the Cybernetic path was vital for that, what with the further armor-boost from the bottom of that tree. So, pistols may not do as much damage as rifles, but with this skill capped, I bet they do. The Champion’s upper tier skill, Unerring Strike, gives you a 7% chance for critical hits and you can rune it up to 17%. And once they are in the air, they are in the Champion’s House. Hope this helps. I'm looking for input on what would be the best, overall, build for racking in the Unstoppable achievements. Storm of Mortal Wounds, your battle cry, is one of the best in the game in my opinion, and the reason many Champions go right path. https://toohuman.fandom.com/wiki/Champion?oldid=12366, Base Ballistic Range (Pistols/Slug): 1299, Base Ballistic Range (Pistols/Plasma): 1229, Base Ballistic Range (Pistols/Laser): 1420, Base Ballistic Range (Rifle/Plasma): 2256, Proficient with 1-handed weapons & pistols, Main Co-op group benefit: Critical Strike. Your first skill, Asgard’s Fury, grants you an additional 42% to any damage you do while in the air. Speed beats damage in this game by far." By Use your spider at every chance you get. And I know there are better, faster charms for destroying enemies. Human Defender, as they have the most Armor..Equip the Hammer and Shield..you're almost impossible to kill. Well for one, he is an excellent starter character. Too Human. The Final skill in this path is Stopping Power. Most of my armor is orange, 4 open slots. I know some people say they hate pistols, but a lot of that probably has to do with the mechanics of aiming them.